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Big Spring, TX | Compute North

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Status: Operational

Power Generation Capacity: 300 MW

Non-Carbon Energy Mix: 60%

Energy Sources: Wind, Natural Gas

This is a tough one. The deregulated market in ERCOT makes it difficult to decipher how much power generation comes from carbon-free sources. Furthermore, Compute North has not publicly stated any estimates for the facility (which is an old World War II airplane hangar).

That said, the average non-carbon generation mix for ERCOT in 2021 was just under 40%. However, Big Spring is located amidst some of the largest and most product wind farms in the country.

Therefore, we assume the average energy mix for Compute North's Big Spring facility to be 60%.

For full transparency, ERCOT release a fuel mix report where we generated the graph above. ERCOT doesn't report "carbon-free" resources but we include biomass, wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear. We excluded coal, natural gas and other from "carbon-free".


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