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Denton, TX | Core Scientific

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Status: Under Development

Power Generation Capacity: 300 MW

Non-Carbon Energy Mix: 75%

Energy Sources: Wind, Natural Gas

This one involves a bit of sleuthing. Although Texas boasts abundant wind power generation, most wind farms are located in plains of west Texas and the pandhandle. The Denton mining facility is located very close to the Denton Energy Center (DEC) which is a gas-fired facility. Despite its close proximity to DEC, the city of Denton maintains that roughly 80% of its power generation comes from renewable sources. Wind makes up 75% and natural gas likely accounts for most of the "other" 20% detailed below. The DEC and other carbon-based generation sources are only brought online during periods of peak power demand where wind resources are not able to serve load requirements in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


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